Hello friends. So today I would like to chat a little bit about noticing little details when you are choosing, well any vendor, but specifically photographers. I’ve been guilty of forgetting the important stuff when in my earlier days I would buy presets and then realize it was basically the mountains in the background of a photo I was in love with or the colors in the the photos and not the actual presets. I’ve come a long way and now only use my own preset creations that have taken me only a decade to be happy with, lol. and understand what about a photo I am am liking. Today I am choosing Stephen and Oormela’s wedding to talk about what you are actually seeing that you love so much or don’t like when choosing vendors and ideas for your wedding day.

It’s easy to know what you like but sometimes it’s hard to say just why. I have had clients say to me they thought they liked something about a photo but then realized it was only the gorgeous couch they were posed on. I know you are super pumped about planning a wedding but You must dissect what you love. Sometimes you might think you love a photo but it’s actually just the decor or the florals or the background you are in love with. Hey, you might need to rebook for Bora Bora. 😛

This is easier said than done but you can do it. I have faith. I am posting this wedding because I think it is hard not to love. But please enjoy the gorgeous photos with all of this in mind. What goes into choosing your photographer is the angles, the distance, the editing colors, do they create the emotion you want, the flow you want. And most importantly is there a vibe with them? Send them an email. Arrange a call or a meet and great. I cannot stress how valuable this all is. I do realize this blog might mean you decide you don’t want to book your wedding with me and that’s okay because it means you might just choose someone that is a better fit for you. Hopefully not. lol. All jokes aside. I hope this is helpful for all the brides and grooms to be out there. Much love.


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