Hello folks. Well im back with a few more tips on wedding day planning. Today I am talking about one specific part of your wedding day and it is that of you head table design.  I have noticed its become popular to switch up headtable designs and although some are super cool it can sometimes effect the outcome of your photos. Its been a long time tradition of everyone from your bridal party to be all in a row up in front. This is a somewhat tried tested and true method. Anymore I’ve seen things from making tables into u shapes and mini tables of two and breaking off the happy couple and then allowing bridal party members to go sit with partners in the reception halls. The u shape is a pretty great idea when bridal parties are quite large. As one might expect a lot of the action and conversations will revolve around the happy couple and if you’re in a Long Head table with five or six people on either side I find that the people on the very ends of the table can get neglected and photos and although it’s something that most photographers myself included, can be aware of and we will specifically try to get shots of those people that are at the end of the head tables sometimes this can happen.

In some cases when the table is in a U shape we can bounce back and forth get more of your your bridal party members. I think the traditional head table is absolutely brilliant and I love it and for a standard bridal party of three or four on either side it even up to five people on either side we can get a lot of different angled shots and a lot of different reactions. You can get a lot of different things going on in each shot and in the wedding I will example today you will be able to see how that actually plays out and it works actually very well at the Art Gallery of Hamilton because it is such a bright venue and the head table is up!! This is very key. Sometimes in a darker venue where we’re relying on artificial light to make the scene come alive it doesn’t work quite as well but in a bright venue such as this one it is absolutely fantastic.

One other thing is a huge floral arrangement hanging over the head table. This is stunning, no doubt about that. It is just super important to make sure this piece is relatively high above your head table so that our lights can get in there and still deliver to you some well light shadow free photos. If it is lower that can create shadows and just some not as well lit photos. I hope this has been a helpful blog and don’t hesitate to message me  with any other questions you might have. Happy planning all. Here is an example of one of my most favourite head table weddings this past year. 🙂


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