Hey guys so today I am blogging about style and colour. That sounds like a great band name but actually it’s some of the things you need to consider in planning your wedding day as we all did for this stylized bridal session at Back 10 Cellars in Grimsby. So this is one of my absolute favourite venues out there today likely because it so suits my palette so well. I will get into choosing your photographer based on your palette and tastes in another blog because that is one entire discussion on it’s own. So in choosing a venue you must not just love the coordinators at the venue and how it looks from a far and feels BUT look at the colours. Back 10 has so much natural wood and white wall mixed with black accents. These resonate so much with me for the organic wholesome yet with a touch of that industrial flare to it. I cannot say enough how much this can effect the final look of your photos. If you love for example organic natural feel and your looking at a venue with purple walls it gets more than tricky. hah 🙂

You must look at your venue through and through to think about whether or not these are the looks and colours from edge to edge that you will want to see in your wedding day photos. How would it look on a sunny day, rainy day and everything in between? How will it feel with the guest numbers you want in it? Simply do I love these colours and layout? I think it is safe to say that everyone wants their wedding day to represent what they are like as a couple and what they are into. So besides your themes and your outfits and style of your additional at wedding day so so important for you to CHOOSE YOUR VENUE WISELY! Sometimes you will see what a couple might be pinning and or showing samples to you of pics they love and the setting doesn’t match their choices and here is where you might possibly see your complete vision fall through the cracks. Everything is so important in making your weddings dreams come true. Remember to keep this in mind when choosing and never forget folks I am always here to help with this or direct you to amazing planners that can help with this. 

With all of this said here are some of my favourites from one of the coolest venues around for a smaller more intimate wedding day. It has those cool colours like I mentioned with that organic touch and a beautiful simplicity to the in house kitchen and b & B on the grounds. Without question if you are looking for a smaller intimate day this is one place you will not want to skip checking out. Here are some of my favourites from a super cool stylized session a few of my kids in the industry and I got together to create a little magic at. 

Some amazing vendors made this stylized happen and you are all just tops in my books. Back 10 Cellars : Venue, Botanical and Bloom : Decor, Planning and Florals 

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